Model on Corona virus

First of all, all my thanks for coming up with extra podcasts and coaching calls.

I have found myself also in a crisis yesterday. Ironically the major trigger was the “law of attraction”…I spent so much time reading news and thinking about the virus that at a certain point I freaked out thinking that I might be attracting what I do not want!

I thus did some model in the evening, and this is what I came up with.

C: Coronavirus
T: I might get it and die
F: Fear
A: I keep thinking about it, I talk about it, I worry about the guests I had over last week, I feel shame that I did not cancel my party
R: My temperature rises due to the over thinking and worry, I go to the hospital to get checked and I get the virus…

When I saw the model I freaked out and at the same time I laughed, because the result is not at all so unrealistic! I already lived through the first SARS in China, left the country, arrived at the airport with light fever. I got quarantined and during the time I developed even higher temperature, which was caused by fear, after reading in the news that a colleague of mine died.

I thus did an intentional model:

C: corona virus
T: I am healthy
F: calm
A: I keep doing my activities as in the calendar, I don’t read the news, I get only the relevant news for my city through my husband who is less inclined to exaggerate and panic, I keep positive, I sleep what I need, I do additional meditation and qigong/yoga.
R: I keep my sanity, I am fit, I strengthen my immune system, I don’t get the virus.

I did this model yesterday evening, when still very worried – and with a light temperature. Today I had a much calmer day, where corona was just an off topic and not the major conversation theme.

What I noticed is that my fear of the virus is connected to a belief that I already coached on (but still need work on) that when things go too well too long, then something bad must happen! I guess I have my coaching topic ready for next time ;p.

Thanks again for the work you all are putting in.