Model On Friendship

Lately I’ve noticed that a friend calls me every single day but is never available to hang out. When they call me sometimes I feel used because they discuss certain things with me that no one else can relate to. I enjoy speaking with this friend and being there for them but sometimes I feel like I’m giving so much but not receiving anything. We never hang out unless it’s something that will benefit them like they need a ride somewhere or help with something for work. I’ve been thinking about this for the past month. And it got even worse this morning when I saw that my friend was hanging out with someone I just introduced them to not too long ago. It just made me disappointed and I felt like I’m the friend that’s only there to talk on the phone and not do fun things with.

C: I saw photos of Friend A hanging out with Friend B
T: They barely know each other so why wasn’t I invited. Friend A calls me every day. I haven’t seen Friend A in person in a long time. Friend A doesn’t have fun with me. Friend A uses me to pass the time and get counseling and advice.
F: Sad, used, not good enough/unworthy
A: Bring this up to Friend A in an emotional way that could scare them off, pull back from Friend A and not take calls
R: Probably end up losing Friend A altogether

Struggling with my intentional model because I’m not sure what I WANT to happen.
C: I saw photos of Friend A hanging out with Friend B
T: (I can’t find a constructive thought)
F: (I want to feel unbothered by this)
A: (?)
R: (?)