Model on improving running

My impossible goal was to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. In December, I noticed knee pain and stopped running for a while on the advice of my physical therapist. My thought has been that this sucks and I’ll never reach my impossible goal. The feeling is defeated. I am now clear to start running again and have taken no action because of the thought “I should be better”. Here are my models. Can you take a look? Thanks!

Current model:
C: No running for 2 months
T: I’m so behind and I can’t even run a mile, let alone a half marathon and forget being faster
F: Defeated
A: No action. Don’t follow through on planned runs or stop immediately when I notice my pace is slower than I like (there’s another model in here, huh?).
R: I can’t run a mile, let alone a half marathon

Intentional model:
C: No running for 2
T: I set reachable goals and accept exactly where I am so I can improve from that place
F: Determined
A: Begin with a run walk program. Work my way towards runs. Celebrate small wins. Consistently build on where I am now.
R: I improve from where I am and get back to where I was, then past it

Wow that model feels better, but I also notice the thought “you’re not trying hard enough”. So many thoughts. Thanks coaches!