Model on jealosy

In need of help on a model with my issue with jealosy. I often place in tbe “C” line but now after listening to you it sounds as though it belongs in the “F” line. At times i am thinking it belingsinthe “R” line! (Jealous)
Currently I am at:
C. Husband
T. Looks at other women
F. Insecure, betrayed & as always jealous
A. Disconnect , seclusion, ruin fun times….
R. Alone, hurt, jealous

This issue is such a life long issue. I hate on myself and carry much shame. I am aware of my low self confidence. I do not want to be this way but my crazy thoughts, body temp, quickened pulse etc. take over so so quickly it is difficult for me to stop and refocus and not be p.o.!
My husband is very aware of my jealousy but really does not understand the extent.
I do not want to ferl this way and have prayed and tried to not be so. It brings on so much negativity that it at times puts me in a spin for a few days.
Could you please offer a model(s) for me to work on.