Model on letting myself eat anything (BAD IDEA!)

Hi! Model help.

Last night, when planning my meals, I wrote that I could have “anything” for breakfast. In hindsight, I’m asking myself why the heck I did that. My thought was “having no rules sounds like fun!” I’m struggling with the related model.

C: planning my food.
T: Not having rules sounds like fun and freedom!
F: rebellious, free (which obviously I know now was naive)
A: ate ice cream/eggs/sausage/chocolate caramels/cookie butter
R: I realize that having rules makes me feel more free and not enslaved to my desires.

To me, it doesn’t look like this R proves my T. Should I change anything here?

Good news is that the thought “I feel more free within the framework of my protocol” is wayyyy more believable now. 🙂 Just learning along the way! Proud of myself for just being curious about this!