Model on Model – My mind is looping

Here are 2 of my current models this weekend:

C: I didn’t see any friends or acquaintances apart from my yoga class this weekend.
T: I should see friends on the weekend.
F: Guilt
A: Don’t enjoy the present moment, don’t enjoy the space I have created for myself, don’t enjoy the quiet, ruminate about how I have done things in the past, put my mind in the future and how I should change everything in my life.
R: I am not enjoying my weekend?

I did choose to not see anyone, I wanted a quiet weekend, to just enjoy my own company, work on my coaching, my creativity, read my books, just take care of myself.

C: Wrote previous model.
T: I shouldn’t think that.
F: Blame
A: Going back and forth between guilt and blame, don’t enjoy my Sunday night, try to find evidence of what is wrong with me, try to throw back at myself the reasons why I didn’t see anyone this weekend, try to convince myself.
R: I create a battle within myself?

I would love some help to figure out the results. I wrote some down, but I still think I am missing something. Also, how do you get out of looping when you have models on top of models?