Model on model/ Shame and Rejection


I did these 2 models. The second one is the consequence of the first one :

C: Boyfriend says something about me, a mild rebuke
T: He doesn’t love me
F: Rejection
A: I stop talking, keep silent, I’m watching myself being stuck, unable to move forward
R: Loss of connection

C: My reaction of being stuck (silent on the sofa) after he said words (the mild rebuke)
T: I feel rejected but he loves me so hard
F: Ashamed “I shoudn’t have behaved this way”
A: Cry and explain to him what was in my mind
R: Connection back

Then I thought : The feeling of shame comes when you regret something you have done, or the way you have reacted. If you’re ok with your behavior or your reaction you don’t feel ashamed. Feeling Ashamed can be useful, it points out something you may want to change in yourself.
In this case, this is my running feeling of rejection. The feeling of rejection comes with the belief that I’m not 100% lovable. My conclusion is that I have to work on that.

My first question is : Are these models ok ?
My second one is : Is my reflection, my insight about this two feelings, shame and rejection, good ?
Thank you