Model on my 2 year old daughter

Hi, I’ve noticed I’m getting anxious about spending time with my 2yo – I’m predicting and forecasting tantrums and worried I won’t be able to cope with them, that I’ll drain my energy (which I worry about as I’m pregnant and was unwell with mono and adrenal fatigue last year) and I feel guilty for not loving her enough.

I’ve made this model (aware there are loads of models I could run!)

C – my daughter
T – I can’t cope with her
F – anxious
A – worry about spending time with her. Am on edge around her. Dread put full days together. Pack our days with activities to keep her entertained and put her in more childcare than is probably good for her (which tires her out and makes her behaviour more challenging) react emotional really quickly when she does ‘act up’ (assert her independence and free will when it contradicts what I want to do). Don’t relax when I’m with her or focus on the times she is calm and super cute
R – I don’t cope and neither does she

I’d love some suggestions to challenge this UM And some thought suggestions for an IM.