Model on my boss’s boss

I want to work on my thoughts about my boss’s boss, whom I work with directly quite often. She consistently changes her mind about things and does not keep her commitments. This causes feelings of frustration and annoyance for me, as I’m often having to change directions and do new work because she has changed her mind about something. I have gotten good about accepting this circumstance and minimizing its affect on me through our work here in scholars. But now I’m finding a new thought and feeling emerging that I’m not quite sure how to fit into the model.

C – My boss’s boss
T – she’s clearly incompetent; how did she make it this far?
F – Envy (I should be as successful because I am more competent)
A – ??? (While I’ve identified envy/jealousy as how I’m feeling, I can’t identify any actions this is driving)
R – ??? Continue feeling irritated with my boss’s boss

I feel like I’m mixing models here. Can you help sort this out?