Model on Past/Regret

Please help me with this model. I have recurring thoughts about how things could have gone differently in my past. I’d like to work through this and believe that the past was just there to help me grow into the person I am now. I seem to get stuck on the results in the unintentional model and the thoughts and actions in the intentional model

Unintentional Model
C: I have thoughts about my past
T: If I acted differently things would be better now
F: Regret
A: Beat myself up, look for evidence that proves my thought, keep replaying past in my brain.
R: (maybe?) I don’t feel better now or act in a way that serves me

Intentional Model
C: I have thoughts about my past.
T: My past taught me all it needed to already. (?) My past made me the person I am now (?) I’m evolving into a person who acts differently now (?)
F: accepting
A: When my brain wants to rehash the past I pause and remember that I choose how I want to think. Recognize the thought loops for what they are.
R: I accept the past and move on.