Model on processing Negative Feelings

C: He sends words.
T: He makes fun of me
E: Anger
Here I notice That I feel anger I don’t want to overreact from it, otherwise it will go this way :
A: Reply with aggressivity
R: He makes fun of me because of my overreaction

Then Can I run the model this way, to act form a place from love and confidence :

C: He sends words.
T: Here is the occasion of processing my emotions without overreacting.
E: Willing to feel
A: Feel it, learn how to process
R: increase my confidence

And then, next times he sends words:

C: He sent words
T: I allow him to send any words he wants
F: Loving and Confident
A: I don’t react.
R: Behave from the place of love and confidence, Show up as the person I want to be.