model on resistance to journaling & self coaching

Hi, here is my TDL:
Why do I not want to journal about this?
Because I am scared that I will subconsciously make a decision and then I won’t be able to maintain the status quo.
Because I am afraid of discovering feelings I “shouldn’t” have or that will cause me and my family to unravel and make impulsive decisions.
I don’t want to hurt anyone.
I don’t feel comfortable putting my needs first before my children’s and my family’s.

My model:
C: Daily journaling/self- coaching (is this the right circumstance you would pull from that TDL?)
T: I might uncover too much and make impulsive decisions. (?)
F: afraid
A: Don’t journal or do models, keep everything spinning in my head, feel anxiety in my body, tension all over, buffer with food, obsess about what to do, ruminate
R: My feelings of discomfort grow and become harder to resist. (?)

How is this model? I am just wondering if I am self-coaching correctly. Thanks!