Model on Self-Coaching

Hello. I’ve discovered I have some unintentional thoughts around my self-coaching (which is a skill I’d like to get better at). Could you please review my UM below & offer me coaching on it? Thank you.

C: I have 30mins. of self-coaching scheduled on my calendar daily.
T: I can’t change my thoughts.
F: Defeated.
A: I compare myself to the coaches I listen to on podcasts, by questioning “How come they’ve been able to change their thoughts and I haven’t?”. I ask myself “What’s wrong with me?”. I don’t truly prioritize self-coaching: I have it on my calendar daily, but often do something else in its place. I don’t practice living into my intentional models & believing new thoughts, or explore fun/creative ways I could do so. I ignore the instances in which I actually have changed my unintentional thoughts (for example, to stop buffering with Netflix).
R: I prevent myself from changing my thoughts.