Model on time constraints

I’m trying to figure out how to use and organize my time during the day.

My current non-negotiables allow a certain amount of time during the day for me to fit in working on my business, scholars work, and my house work.

I realized trying to fit this into the hours I have, brings up some big uncomfortable feelings, so I ran a model on it.

C – I have 4.5 hours to fit in work, scholars, and housework. (Is this a C though, or a T??? I can argue that it’s not completely a fact, but I put it in the C line because it’s what I need to be true for the purposes of how I am trying out this strategy to arrange my schedule around other obligations that are more set in stone.)

T- That’s not enough.

F – Constrained (How it feels in body: tightness in chest & arms. Short of breath, like my lungs are being squeezed/constricted & have a limited capacity for air)

A – give up on getting it all done. mentally freeze, feel like I’m not able to think very clearly, so don’t really try to plan better. do some things, but accept in a defeated way from the beginning that it won’t be enough.

R – It isn’t enough time to do “everything” well.

I also realize “Everything” is pretty nebulous.

Here’s my Intentional Model I wanted to run by you –

C – I have 4.5 hours to fit in work, scholars work, and house work.

T – It’s completely possible that I can make efficient use of this time and accomplish more than enough to move myself forward.

F – Able

A – Create a schedule and practice sticking to it. Utilize Monday Hour One concepts. Plan as efficiently as possible. Find creative ways to possibly fit in house work or scholars work outside of main window. Make a schedule for housework that maximizes efficiency.

R – I find creative solutions to expand time in main window for business work as much as possible, make the most efficient use of the time and accomplish plenty to move myself forward.