Model on todays homework

So I was looking for internship in the social department and found a really interesting job offer for which I applied for.
It is an internship in which you work with young troubled teens/Adults and I was really interested and passionate about this until this thought came up

c: Found an internship about working with young teens / men
t: There is a possibility I’m gonna get raped, cause they are troubled and then my life would be over
f: Anxious, scared
a: Applying for the job but being scared of it
r: Not getting the job or getting it and not going all in

I know it sounds stupid. but it just was a thought that popped in my head and got me all anxious. (Funny brain what can I say!! haha)
I tried to do an intentional model but all models I tried felt like I tried to calm me down and just telling myself its not going to happen.

What do you suggest here?

Thank you so much!