Model on "too much work"

Dear coach, I have a model about my job and not being able to do the things I like because work consumes my personal time. In the R line I don’t seem to find an effective R to help me recognize that my thoughts create my actions. Please help me challenge my model 🙂 Thank you!

C: I have a job
T: Because of the amount of work I don’t get to do the things I like during my personal time
F: Hopeless
A: I resent work. I resent my boss. I ruminate about workload. I do my job, but don’t get interested or curious about learning more because it will consume even more time than it already does, limiting the my free time. I think about quitting my job. I think about being fired due to work force reduction. I think about going into sabbatical. I don’t want to think about work during my free time. I feel tired by the end of the day I don’t want to go numb watching TV so that I don’t think about work.
R: (here’s where I guess I would put “my thoughts create my actions…etc” but work consuming my personal time seems to be just a fact and not a thought.