Model on Urges

I have thoughts / judgments about my urges. I’d like to get to a neutral place with them – any feedback is appreciated!

C: Urge
Starting thought: This shouldn’t be happening, I hate this, there’s something wrong (I know it’s three but they feel the same, they all cause me to try and resist the urge).

1. This shouldn’t be happening, I hate this, there’s something wrong
2. I notice I keep thinking that this shouldn’t be happening and that I hate this
3. “This shouldn’t be happening” is just a thought my brain is offering
4. It’s possible that other thoughts are true
5. I legitimately couldn’t prove that this shouldn’t be happening in a court of law
6.”This shouldn’t be happening” is a thought I’ve practiced a lot – it takes very little energy for my brain to think this thought
7. It’s actually possible that this really SHOULD be happening
8. It’s possible that this is totally normal and not a problem at all
9. Even Brooke says that urges are a sign that the brain is working 100% properly
10. It’s possible that other people have urges that they don’t pathologize
11. I’m starting to see that this might not be a problem
12. I can see how someone might say that this isn’t a problem
13. I’m curious to see what’s on the other side of this urge
14. I’m curious to see what allowing urges could free up for me
15. I’m excited to see what I am truly capable of – I think it is a lot!
16. I believe that this urge SHOULD be happening, it is the gateway to my power
17. I don’t mind experiencing urges, it shows me how much power I’m made of!
18. I can’t wait to unleash and free up the energy in my urges

Overall, I find this ladder very believable. I’m open to feedback and also – now that I have this, do I just practice it / memorize it etc.?