Model Practice

Good morning! The following is a mini TDL and a resulting model, and I’d like some input on how I’ve done the model:

A smoothie AND granola lasts me until dinner-time (that’s when I get hungry again).
Grains really do knock me out–especially when combined with sugar.
I would rather eat a little “heavy” (but not to the point of discomfort) twice a day, than a little “light” 3 times.
I REALLY like the Joy Eat as part of the plan.
I think I’ve done really well for my first week.
I’ve returned to my spreadsheet on macro’s content to be sure I’m including protein, and I like this.

C: When I have a smoothie and granola for breakfast, I don’t get hungry again until dinner-time.
T: I like eating just twice a day.
F: abundant (time)
A: I make sure I eat both a smoothie and granola (or GBOMBS bar) for breakfast. I look forward to having time to do other things. I don’t think about food as much.
R: I create a more enjoyable eating experience.

Thank you for your assistance! 🙂