Model Practice

In the Model Practice book, the steps when you start with the T line states the next thing you’ll need to do is put the neutral facts in the C the line. I attempted this and experienced some difficulty.

I watched a Vault session where Brooke offered practice on Thought Download, a CTFAR, and a better CTFAR relating to her Family Work Household. During that video Brooke started with the T line and then followed with the F line, ending with the C line.

Brooke’s ‘better CFTAR’ started with the C line using the same circumstance as her initial CFTAR, Family Work Household, followed by the F, T, A, and R, as described in the Model Practice book.

I am one week into Scholars. I do not have the comfort, yet, with the Thought Download and CFTARs. I am committed to a daily practice so I’m wondering if we have some leeway with the CFTARs or need I go by the book?