Model Practice – Eating


You helped me recently with a model regarding a similar circumstance, but today I had a different thought about it, and I find I’m completely stumped on what result I’m creating for myself in this model (the unintentional one). My actions seem like they are the results I have created. I would love your assistance.

I wasn’t hungry when I woke up this morning, but I really wanted to eat. Habit? Part of my routine? I just wanted to taste it? I held off, and went to my appointment without eating, but with the mindset that I was being restricted, rather than I was making a choice for myself in my best interests and honoring my plan. I remembered that when feeling disappointed about the possibility of not eating dinner because I may not be hungry–that it’s a choice I’m making. For my health. And awareness. Taking care of the universe that is my body. I can do something else instead! Something else that I enjoy. Although that’s not what I’m doing now. I’m “working.” This feels like work–my TDLs and models. But it’s also a choice I’m making. Not for fun, but in my best interest. And so it’s important to me. And after all, I take the weekends off from “work” to do fun things or just not have a schedule. And I really do enjoy some of the “work” I’m doing–decluttering and re-organizing the house–so what’s the difference?

C: My daily schedule shows that it’s time for me to eat, but I’m not hungry.
T: I shouldn’t eat if I’m not hungry.
F: Restricted
A: Pout, judge myself for wanting to eat when I’m not hungry, think of taking something with me so I can eat right after my appointment if I’m hungry then, judge myself for trying to find a way to eat sooner
R: ???

C: My daily schedule shows that it’s time for me to eat, but I’m not hungry.
T: I have time to do something else that I enjoy.
F: eager
A: think of other things to do that I enjoy, do other things that I enjoy, don’t think about food
R: I create more time for myself, I diversify my experience of pleasure.