Model Practice — "Joy Eat"

This is my latest model that I would like your thoughts on:

Thought Download:

I think I may have a kidney stone again. I don’t want to have kidney stones. I’m afraid of the pain. I wonder if I can make sure I never have them again. I’m disappointed in my last Joy Eat. I wonder if I’ll get to a point of not even feeling a need for a Joy Eat. Or that it will be mostly healthy but with maybe more oil or salt than I would otherwise use. That could be cool to not even desire “junk” food or “fast” food.

C: My last Joy Eat
T: It didn’t go the way I had imagined
F: disappointed
A: wonder if I’ll quit doing them at some point, try to plan an even better one for next week, focus more on enjoying the smells of Joy-Eat-type foods during the rest of the week rather than missing out on how they taste
R: I create an experience of food that I hadn’t imagined before.

Your perspective is always appreciated.