Model Practice — Overeating

Well, it’s just what the title says. 🙂

I would like some feedback on these latest models

I was so excited to be hungry and finally eat. I heated some food, ate it quickly, grabbing something sweet from the fridge to be ready when I finished with the other. I think I was hoping to get to the sweet before I felt full–it was a cheat. I was trying to get around not having it, and I knew there was a good chance I would be full before I got to it. I really wrestled with this, and so many of Coach’s examples, suggestions, and etc. were going through my mind (I had JUST finished the next module). Practice patience with yourself. Eat only when hungry. Don’t overeat. Even overeating is a “little quit”. I’m 100% committed. To my health. And to this program. I should do what she says because that’s what I came here for. It doesn’t really apply to me because I’m not overweight. And yet I knew that as well when I signed up. That I’m not doing this for my weight, I’m doing it for my mental health. And my physical health. And my relationship with food. And that’s exactly what is being tested–my mental strength, my commitment. If I do exactly as she says, I will get the results I want. I will achieve my goal. Wait 30 minutes when a craving surfaces. Do a model. Find out what I’m thinking that’s causing me to be impatient.

C: Eating rice & veggies, took chia pudding out of the fridge.
T: I won’t get to have the pudding if I feel full from the rice & veggies.
F: restricted
A: I eat quickly. I tell myself the Program guidelines don’t really apply to me because I’m not overweight. Try to find ways to get around the parameters I set in my plan.
R: I don’t enjoy the food I’m eating right now. I don’t get to enjoy other things in my life. I don’t reap the sweet rewards of the Program, of doing the work.

C: Eating rice & veggies, took chia pudding out of the fridge.
T: If I’m full from the rice & veggies, I can have the pudding another time.
F: patient
A: I do other things with my time. I don’t rush through the rice & veggies. I immerse myself in the experience of eating the rice & veggies.
R: I create an opportunity to practice patience with my learning process. I move one step closer to this not being a problem anymore.

Thank you, as always. 🙂