Model practice

Hi Brooke,
I was coaching someone the other day and we tried a model on something that came up. She is a photographer and had completed a big job. Her assistant did not back up all the files as directed. Out of about 600 shots there was one missing.
I got stumped around the Result always relating to the Thought. Here is the model:
C: Image missing
T: I did something wrong
F: Sick
A: Backtracked to figure out what happened, reshot picture
R: Got the job done

You say your actions/behaviors indicate how you’re thinking and feeling.
She felt sick, she thought she did something wrong.
But her action still remedied the situation.
If her action was a result of her thought and feeling I would think the result would be: I yelled at the assistant; or, I went to bed for the day; or, I didn’t call them back.
What am I missing? I told her I was stumped and going to ask you about it.