Model – Problem with A-line

I did a thought download about an online course I think I’ll enrol in: “I feel guilty because I plan to pay for another course without having earned the money for the current and former classes I do/did. I can’t be sure whether the course is as good as I expect it to be. It costs quite a bit of money and if it is not worth it, it’s another expense. – I feel ashamed to admit to anybody that I will do another course, spend more time and money on studying. I think they expect me to get working now, to get clients and get money coming in. – I am angry, that’s actually not their business.”
I am actually quite determined to enrol in the course, but I want to feel really good about it, that’s why I tried the model. Started with the feeling irritated, guilty.
I always end up with the same action in the UM and the IM. Is that o.k.? Please, have a look:

C – Sales course offer
T – I don’t deserve another course but I want it
F – irritated, guilty
A – I enrol anyway
R – I start the course with negative feelings

C – Sales course offer
T – It’s worth the investment, I’ll learn to become a great sales person.
F – excited, optimistic
A – I enrol
R – I start the course highly motivated and committed.
Do I actually have to do the UM if the action is already clear and the same?