Model progress

Hi Brooke,
[Insert here massive amounts of love and appreciation for your Generosity]
I was doing my thought download for Feelings practice and there was nothing I wanted to do a model on. Earlier I’d written here about feeling bad (Download bummer) by steeping myself in what is not working and I went back to your advice to dig and get to the stuff that gets in the way.
I’m feeling pretty strong right now and decided to attempt a model that would help me get deeper without taking me down a rabbit hole. I loved the exercise. Here’s what happened:
C: I coach a client
T: I wonder if I really help people
F: Insecure, doubting, weak
A: Don’t put myself out in the world with authority
R: No new energy/clients/buzz

C: I coach a client
T: As I coach myself I am more effective as a coach
F: Determined, optimistic
A: Productive, take chances
R: More people know about me.

I like it, it was so productive to get to an underlying thought that gets in the way without getting attached to it.
Love, love, love SCS and you,
PS: One of my favorite things about you is that you find humor in our humanness. I was riveted by your coaching of a fellow SCS who was very emotional and teary. By the end you had her laughing. You found a way to lighten her load. What a gift you have.