Model Q

I’ve been doing models for just over 2months and I feel like I’m uncovering a new layer, or maybe I’m complicating things😬. I was doing a TDL this morning and had some thoughts about the satisfaction I get when I’m shopping and find a deal. I’m having a difficult time filling in the A and R, would love some feedback.
C- TDL Sunday morning
T- I wonder why I feel satisfaction when I get a deal on clothes.
F- curious
A- do model to try to figure out, answer the question and start new model.
R-I’m closer to understanding myself.
C- answering my own q
T- I feel satisfied because I am saving money.
F- (still) curious.
A- explore why I feel the need to save money, ask myself how this is serving me, is this the mindset I want to come from, notice my thoughts around spending next time I shop for something.
R- questioning my own beliefs around money.
Perhaps there is a bigger question I can ask myself so the model can be simplified? Thanks Brooke, I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow.