Model Question

Hi Brooke,

I was curious if you ALWAYS need an action and result line for models for negative emotions. Heres where this came up mid model for me: boyfriend is expressing anger over opinions of parents. Having some familiarity with your work, i can SEE how it is his thoughts verses parents causing his emotion of anger and it makes me feel anxious and bad that he cannot see it.

c: boyfriend cant see how his thoughts vs circumtance are causing his anger:
Thought: i wish he could change his thoughts so he stops causing suffering for himself
Feeling: sad/anxious that i cant control it for him
ACTION: tbis is where i am stuck for an action or reault because i then automatically think, “i cant control him or try to change his thinking, i can only change mine”, i tben feel more trusting with tbe thought “it should be tbis way”
action; doing this model
Result: okay not trying to do anything to change him

….. but i dont have a full model for tbe first one w the action/result… is it becUse i interupted the model with a new tbought first, and if so is tbis what Is ideal for tbis situation?

I think theres a chance i accepted it because in the past i would have def attenpted to change him by telling him what he was doing wrong/needed to do and i am not not doing that at all.

Im fairly new to model work and this one threough a bit as to if models can be incomplete or not/how else to do my action/result otherwise.