Model Question

I’m not sure I am doing this model right. After a thought download I pulled out one thought but I don’t see how the feeling created the action or result. Can you explain how it may have created the situation (if that is correct). Also what would be an alternative intentional model in this situation. The background is that my sisters were coming in for a visit to see my mom. I live with my husband and my mom, who I take care of. My sisters have always been mean and resentful and we have nothing but anger towards each other. In some cases and this visit it was a total disaster. They were mean, physically pushed me and it turned into a screaming match in the store. Prior to their visit, I crocheted them a rainbow blanket with a peace letter with the hope that we can put our past behind us. We grew up in a house of alcoholism and prescription drug addict. That’s the short version but here is the model I did. (I’m on my phone so there is no return key so pardon everything is jumbled together). C – I made a rainbow blanket and sent a peace letter to my sister. T – I expected my sisters to make peace and put the past behind us and have a wonderful visit. F – Hopeful. A – I gave the blanket and they rejected the idea and were mean and angry regardless. R – They were abusive and mean