model question

Hi Brooke,
I’m just starting this class and as I was reading one of the booklets I noticed I was having a gripping urge to go make something sweet to eat. So I thought what a good time to do the model. Here’s my first go at it, c- reading class material, t-I want something sweet. Maybe make cookie bars even though they make me shaky,f- uncomfortable, ashamed, obsessed, craving, a- make and eat them,r-feel momentary relief, then then shaky. I decided that was off, so I redid it. c- reading class material, t- this seems really hard to learn, I don’t know if I can do it, f-uncomfortable,anxious, ashamed, a- calm myself with the cookies, r- feel relief for a bit then shaky, guilty,ashamed.
I still think I’m all over the board with this version. There are so many sub-topics that blast through my brain at the same time that I’m not sure how to corral them with the model (or at all). Can you give me some ways to do this that are more useful? Thanks!