Model Question

Hi. I am brand new to TLCS and Scholars and LOVING every bit of it! In fact I’m going ALL-IN and even signed up for certification too. I am super excited! I just had my first-ever one on one coaching call, which was awesome but went by way too fast haha. I had one main question that we didn’t get time to discuss, so she suggested I ask it here.

Since I’m new I’m trying to learn and practice the Model, so my question is model-related… How do you actually change your T-line? Meaning… I KNOW that my current result is due to my thoughts and I KNOW I need to change that thought to change my result, but how do you suddenly go from thinking one thing all your life to thinking another??? The questioning side of my brain thinks it seems too simple and almost naive to say “oh, just change your thought about it”. So how do you actually change your thoughts about something and start to believe it so that your results can change?

Hope that wasn’t too confusing! Thanks, in advance, for your ideas. 🙂