Model Question


I have just began the LCS Certification process and was working with a practice client yesterday and I don’t feel I was able to put a model together for our session that was correct.

She told me that what she wanted to be coached on was deciding between leaving her current consulting job to buy a sail boat and travel around the world, which is something she has always dreamt of. She offered many paragraphs describing how leaving her current job would mean leaving secure income and a somewhat knowable future and that getting the boat was an enormous risk, but one that excited her.

For the C line, I initially came up with: deciding between staying at her current job or buying a boat

and then, I realized that that isn’t an actual circumstance because the boat doesn’t even exist yet – it’s all an idea in her head that she hopes will happen but that hasn’t.

So, the second C line I came up with was: She has a job at a consulting firm

my question is: could deciding whether or not to buy a boat be a circumstance?

if so, this C led her to the following T line: I have uncertainty about the future because I have no way of knowing because I don’t have the things in place that would allow me to make the decision.

F: impatience

A: is deceitful with her current job because she is entertaining this idea, thoughts spiral and she remains frozen in inaction.

R: she is unhappy with her current job because she isn’t fully invested and already has one foot out the door, and is unhappy with the idea of buying the boat and traveling the world, because it hasn’t yet come to fruition

this feels like a very sloppy model… help!

Thank you!!!