Model Question

Hi, Brooke. Looking forward to starting the July material next week. Glad you are settled in TX w/ air conditioning & a great sense of humor regarding your adventures in moving….

I am doing a 16 day yoga teacher training. There are 19 women & 1 man. I have had the opportunity to work my process & apply your model in regards to the male instructors teaching. Today we took turns teaching the 108 pose sequence we are suppose to memorize. One student taught Surya Namaskar A, next teacher did B, etc. & we rotated around the room. This afternoon we got feedback from one of the instructors who had a list of all the incorrect cues we used. I raised my hand since two of the incorrect cues were mine & ask if he wouldn’t mind given constructive feedback perhaps, & telling us what we should be saying or cuing instead…. He said, no, we had to figure it out ourselves. Anyway, I am so triggered by his f…… arrogance & condescending manner & of course, I have plenty of confirmations bias from the other participants. LOL

Unintentional Thought Pattern
C: Kent’s Feedback
T: I think his feedback delivery was arrogant & mean.
F: Pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Psychic Punch
R: I’m mean?

C: Kent’s Feedback
T: I am willing to look past his arrogant delivery & use the feedback to strengthen my skills as a yoga instructor & leader.
F: empowered
A: Figure out different cues myself or add variety…
R: Strengthen my skills as a yoga instructor & leader.

Much Love, Ginny