Model Question

Hi Brooke-
I am relatively new to scholars and still working at mastering the model. Which leads me to my question about the model. I try and do models daily and find that I often get stuck with the action line of the model. I ran into this problem again this morning and could use your help.

I have been doing your Stop Overeating Program for the last two months and have lost 10 pound and have 14 pound left to get to goal. For Thanksgiving I decided in advance that I would make Thanksgiving an exception day. I did very well on Thanksgiving and only ate what I decided in advance to eat. The next day when I weighed myself I was down ¼ pound. I was very excited and happy. This is where my mind was hijacked. Since I did not see a negative effect on the scale I chose to eat off protocol again yesterday. This morning I was up 1 ½ pounds. I did a thought download this morning and even though I was very disappointed with what happened I choose to be curious and learn from the experience. Here are the models I came up with .

C – eating off protocol the day after Thanksgiving
T- I am disappointed in myself for eating off protocol
F – disappointment
A – ??
R weight gain

C – eating off protocol the day after Thanksgiving
T- I have an opportunity to learn from this situation
F – curiosity
A – do a thought download and model and learn about myself so I can make better choices in the future
R – I have a better understanding of how my mind works in these situation and can make better choices in the future.

SO my question is since I am making a choice to interrupt the unintentional model and use my intentional model should I try to fill the unintentional model with an assumed action?

Thanks for the wonderful work you do!!!