Model question – A and R

I’m having a hard time with my models. I have the circumstances down. I’m certain of my thoughts and I’m certain of my feelings. My problem is, I often can’t determine a related action and my results generally don’t match or prove my thought (at least not how I’ve written them). I spend so much time trying to configure the result to match the thought that I think I miss the point entirely. It’s like a maddening puzzle I can’t solve. Example:
C: Gabe told me he doesn’t want us to see each other anymore. (Fact. He said this.)
T: Gabe doesn’t love me anymore.
F: Devastated.
A: Ruminate. Pine. Replay texts and voice mails to remember happier times when he did love me. Make up scenarios in my head where he might want me back. Picture myself in my cutest outfit when I next see him (Side note — I’m not the only woman who does this, right? :))
R: Consumed with missing him.

It took me a long time to come up with the A and R when I knew after the F that I could just go straight to picking another thought that served me better. Also, I don’t think my result proves the original thought, but I could just be missing the correlation?