Model Question (Eating Related)

I have a question about my model. In my unintentional model, I was thinking my thought may really be a thought and an action together. I need another perspective on this one.

In my intentional model I was trying to look at it “matter of fact”. I seem to come up with thoughts that are not translating to a more positive emotion or helping me to move beyond the binge.

First week in scholars and so glad to have you all here as a resource! Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Unintentional Model
C: Brisket Stir-Fry, handful of tortilla chips, 1 cup chicharrons with hot sauce, 5 prunes, 2.5 mango mochi balls and 1 tbsp. cacao nibs
T: I ate too much last night so I have to fast until at least 12pm today.
F: Punishment
A: Resent fasting and break it/ Carry shame into another day/ actively sabotaging my goal/ Using self-hate as motivation/Not looking at thoughts after binging
R: Not reaching goal of loving my body and its nutritional needs.

Intentional Model
C: Same
T: I coped last night to avoid my stress over work