Model question – how do I model a thought prompted by a thought?

Anytime I need to do something (take a trivial action) I get a, yet unidentified, unpleasant sensation in my chest, which drives me to procrastinate. I am tempted to put such as thought into the C of the model, but I realize that it is probably incorrect:

C: when I think about raking the leaves
T: ??? << working on figuring this out
F: weird sensation in my chest << working on figuring this out
A: seek distractions
R: nothing gets done

I know I can rewrite it as:
C: the front yard has a lot of leaves that need to be cleaned in order to avoid rotting and making the front yard look ugly and killing grass
T: I need to rake the leaves
F: same weird feeling
A: seek distraction
R: nothing is done

I don’t think that “I need to rake the leaves” is the thought that’s a culprit here. I had several instances like this where a thought (a dilemma for example) spawns more thoughts that in turn cause feeling (feelings are not caused by the dilemma itself, but by the “second-degree” thoughts)