Model Question – Other People’s Opinions

A recent issue at work had me spinning thoughts that created anger, hurt, and fear. I did a thought download and wrote down all of my thoughts about the situation, similar to how you had us write down all of our thoughts about a person last month when working on relationships. I didn’t hold back. What I found after rereading it was that my thoughts that created anger and hurt were really stemming from a deeper thought that other people’s opinions can hurt me, which creates fear. So, I chose to work a model on this fear. It looked like this:
C- Staff survey and meeting
T- Other people’s opinions control my results
F- fear
A- retaliation, defensiveness
R- negative results due to reactivity instead of proactivity

I created a new model with peace in the F line:
C- Staff survey and meeting
T- I can’t change other people’s actions or thoughts, only my own
F- peace
A- act from a deeper place of authenticity and inspired action
R- following my path

The deeper I go to find underlying feelings, the more general my model becomes. I am wondering if this is good to do, or if I should be doing more models on specific thoughts. Or, should I just wait until it feels necessary? I feel like if I work on this fear of people’s opinions, the anger and hurt will dissipate as a result. I really appreciate your input. Thank you.