Model question: Result proving original thought?

Hello! My model is the following:

C: I set up work meeting with potential client. Boss says, we should all go to the meeting. (meaning 4 other colleagues + me)
T: No! I set it up. It is my meeting and I don’t want everyone to go. Why are you trying to steal my opportunities? You shouldn’t do that.
F: Angry
A: Smile and say sure.
R: I’m not myself? I’m not having integrity by not saying what I really think?

Intentional model might be:
C: same
T: she did invite everyone and that’s ok
F: annoyed but not angry
A: talk to her about it, suggest only I go this time or maybe one other person
R: I am true to myself?

I have this trouble a lot, can’t always see what the R line should be or how it relates to original thought. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!