Model questions

I am practicing my models and would like to check that I am doing it right. here are two examples of my un-intentional model and intentional models.

C Husband says words in angry tone
T I should stop him, I need to make it better and fix everything
F Panic, powerlessness, fear
A Trying to calm husband down, being over bearing
R Husband gets annoyed at me and himself, and does not calm down

C Husband says words in angry tone
T it is okay I am 100% whole, this does not need to affect me, I can walk away to create space
F Secure, self trust
A continue with my day, I’m not de-railed so can be productive.
R Husband calms down quicker, no additional intensity has been added to the loop by me trying to ‘fix’ everything, everyone can continue with their day quicker

And another example which I’m not sure if I am getting the T line right (I am describing the thought that got me into the circumstance, should I describe the thought that I feel as a result of the circumstance instead? In this case the thought would be ‘nobody is interested or wants to talk to me’

C checking social media messages very regularly
T I will start work as soon as I have done this quickly
F frustrated, annoyed, sad, stuck
A procrastinating, working for very short windows of time, find more distractions
R work takes much longer because of me constantly stopping to check messages, new business is still not up and running

C checking social media messages very regularly
T I do not need to do this, I trust myself and do not need external validation,
F confident, proactive, in control
A getting the work done,
R building my business, feeling happy that I am taking steps forward

Sometimes it feels like a bit of a leap to get to the intentional model, and my brain doesn’t quite believe the new thought. I feel like I do the models and I understand it all intellectually, but I don’t really know how to apply the intentional model, do you have any advice for overcoming this?

Many thanks!