Model : R line

I sometimes struggle with the R line of my models and am today. Would love some suggestions –

Unintentional model:
C: Boyfriend says “I can’t work anywhere in this house,” closes the door to the room he is in, throws items and says “goddam it”
T: I don’t understand his anger
A: replay evidence of his ‘anger’, avoid him, think about other times that I think he’s been angry, unsure how to act, feel nervous to upset him
R: I don’t know how to show up/i don’t show up (? open to feedback here)

When I explored why my brain would chose this thought, I theorize that it’s a very protective thought. I don’t want to be protective with how I show up in my relationship. I want to be present, vulnerable, authentic. I brainstormed how I want to show up. I started with what I don’t want first since that was more available to me and decided I want to hold space and be present. I believe these to be actions so I began my intentional model from there (A: hold space, be present). This is what I got to:

Intentional model:
C: same ^
T : This is how my love is feeling and that’s ok (filled this in 3rd as best I could come up with)
F: Accepting (filled this in as step 2 to forming the model thinking this feeling can drive the desired actions)
A: hold space, be present (started here)
R: (brain is blanking out maybe…) I show up best I can and it’s perfectly ok

Would love some help, feedback, etc. If you have a favorite way to explain the R line that may help it click for me. THANK YOU!