Model regarding my Friend’s challenging comments to me regarding drinking and staying up late

Hello! I am happily losing weight and cutting back severely on chardonnay; from 3 glasses a night to 2 glasses a week. I am thrilled. My neighbor and friend, R, is not so much. I am going to bed at 9 and up at 5 to do models and journaling and reading and I feel great.
She said to me today she feels unloved that I don’t come over at night (9 pm) to hang out and drink chardonnay with her. I explained to her that I am getting up earlier now and not drinking wine but that I still love her and would be happy to see her at another time.

T- friend R says words
F- irritated, annoyed, feel challenged and disrespected
T- why is R taking this personally it has nothing to do with her, she doesn’t respect my lifestyle
A- explain rationally my new schedule
R- still irritated.

intentional model
C- words are said.
F- feel challenged but authentic, assured and self-confident
T- she is taking it personally but this has nothing to do with me
A – keep my schedule and invite her to early am yoga or other daytime activity
R- be empowered and happy with my new lifestyle. Not worry about R.

Can you help with my models?
Thank you in advance!!