Model from Result Line

Hey Brooke,

was to submit a question about my model work and got stuck reading all the answers below… very informative but holy smokes what a procrastination….. 🙂
Done models every day now and I thougth I “got” it but then I heard you saying on 1st podcast to blow our own mind by putting some cool desires/goals (can’t remember exact term) on R line and see what it would require in model. That juiced my soul.

I put 2 desires in R as
1. Weigh 180 lbs by December 21, 2017 and 2.Complete all 12 months of SCS
then got all confused.

C Loose 50 lbs
T I commit to take the action
F Excitement and Fear
A No quitting and no overeating
R Weigh 180 lbs Dec 21, 2017

C Sign up for SCS
T It is the best investment I can do now
F Focused
A Monthly payment and do all homework and calls
R Graduate all 12 months of SCS Dec 2017

I am unsure of my feelings and thoughts in model but also wondering if me being a newbi would benefit of doing homework on thought down loads for now and do models from result thinking later.