Model Review – #3

I am stuck with the R line on this one:

C : Son’s clothes stretched out over his body
T: OMG, he must have gained at least 20 pounds
F: worried
A: spinning in thoughts about how unhealthy it is & why he isn’t doing something about it to go in the opposite direction, talk to my husband about it, tell 2 friends about the weight gain, told son to limit his sugar and offer him my help if he wants
R- ??
I don’t know what the R line would be that goes back to me, except maybe, I am worried about it.

I don’t want to be ok about it since I believe eating the foods I observed him eat this past weekend while visiting him is not good. I understand that is my thought and judgement; however, I don’t know what else to do with it. It is not okay to see him using food for comfort and eating unhealthy foods to the point that he is overweight.

Any insights and suggestions are welcome!

Many thanks!