Model review

C- I finished my last sales call (I had 4 back to back)
T – I’m a failure
F – Depressed
A – Didn’t talk to my wife, laid on the coach, didn’t play with my kids, was on instagram distracting myself, didn’t think about how I could help my current clients, beat myself up in my mind saying negative things about myself as a coach and businessman.
R – I don’t give myself an opportunity to succeed or learn from my 4 calls.
– don’t appreciate that I created 4 sales calls

C – Live event coming up 26 Feb
T – I don’t know if I can do this
F – Scared
A – I don’t plan my event out or create flyer to market it, I don’t create a payment method for it, I go on social media for hours to distract myself and make myself feel better, I don’t self coach, I don’t tell my wife how I am feeling, I don’t allow the feeling.
R – I don’t work on the event or have the chance to see if I can do it or not

C – Coaching on a CCP class call
T – I don’t know what to say
F – Panic
A – I am thinking about what I will say next and not to my peer who is the client – I’m not listening to her actual concerns, I freak out and tell my teacher I don’t know what to say – she opens it to the class – I did that 2 times, I beat myself up and judge myself for not knowing what to say
R – I didn’t know what to say because I was too busy telling myself I didn’t know.