Model review

Hi Coaches.  May I have your feedback on the Models below ? In particular on the R line please?  Thank you very much in advance.

Unintentional Model:

C: 60.1 kg this morning / before -day: 58 .1 / Weight goal: maintain between 55 and 57 kg.
T: I’m not even stable with my weight when that’s what I want to guarantee in my program
F: shame
A: thinking about my weight, hiding it / thinking about what others would say if they knew / thinking about my food plan and doubting my diet / doubting my offer and my program / doubting my goal of making 100,000 euros by being a coach / indulging in self-doubt and worrying / not focusing on my work / not following the schedule / not posting / not saying I’m a coach / thinking about going to bed and sleeping
R: I don’t embody the coach I want to be

Intentional Model:

C: 60.1 kg this morning / before -day: 58.1 / Weight goal: maintain between 55 and 57 kg
T: this is exactly the situation and circumstances I need to learn more and become even more expert in weight loss coaching
F: in charge
A: I self-coach, I post on “Ask a coach”, I evaluate what I have eaten and the behaviors I have had towards my diet to decide what I want to keep or change, the new beliefs to adopt and practice, I refocus on the present and the results I have planned to accomplish in my schedule
R: I am and embody the brilliant weight loss coach I want to be