Model Review – Family Trip

Three years ago we took a family trip back east to see my family. The end of the trip ended poorly, lots of childhood emotions of inadequacy, bad choices, not being respected and overlooked for other family members’ needs. Post trip, I said if we went back again I would not stay with family and would be able to operate independently of others. My girls want to travel back east to see family and go to the beach. My second model does get me to a positive result and the one I want however there is an item in my A line that doesn’t feel good – people are upset with how I organize the trip for my family.

C – Our last trip back east was emotionally hard.
T – I do not want to experience it again.
F – guilt
A – do nothing to plan the trip, ruminate on what happened last time, reflect on how if I plan and plan it will not happen again, research other places to visit, talk to my husband about it
R – I do not plan the trip.

C – Our last trip back east was emotionally hard.
T – It is my fault, I should have made our plans more independent of others.
F- frustation
A – plan a trip based on my families needs/desires, possibly over plan, family ends up feeling like we did not spend enough time with them since we planned a trip that does not revolve around them
R – We have a great family trip that hits all of the objectives on our must do list.