Model Review – Husband’s Position At Work Eliminated

Quick backstory: My husband has lost two jobs in three months. Part of neutralizing my model was to revise “lost job” to “position eliminated.”  That helped. And it is true. These losses were no fault of his. For the first, the company was sold and everyone lost their jobs. For the second, brief position that he secured after the first loss, the company lost their funding and he succumbed to the “last in/first out” rule.

My husband is the most emotionally stable, even-keeled person I know. However, this series of events has knocked the wind out of him. And it affects our entire family. After working a few unintentional models (the way he is handling things is frustrating, sad, disappointing, and scary to me), here is an intentional model that I would like you to review and let me know if I’m doing it correctly.

I am coming from a place of trying not to be too sunshine and rainbows, since that would not be believable for me at this time. However, I need to work toward neutrality.

C: my husband’s job was eliminated.
T: This is a difficult time for both of us but we will grow from it, for the better.
F: Curious.
A: Continue to model about this myself and offer tools to help him (podcasts and articles that address his feelings and situation and how to move forward), and be supportive.
R: I will take the emotional lead (for a change) in the relationship until we achieve more equilibrium.