Model Review – Intentional Eating

I am currently working on two models. In a thought download the thought: “I can’t get my self to follow through”. I could take this in many directions but I decided to focus on my weight loss/eating in regards to this thought. Then I thought about places I could put this into the model. I think it could be a thought or an action. So I started with Action.

C: Deciding what to eat
T: Life is too stressful/sad to stay on plan.
F: Unmotivated/ambivalent
A: Not eating in alignment with my goals
R: Backwards progress with health goals.

C: Deciding what to eat
T: I respect myself and my body with my food decisions
F: Intentional
A: Planning, thoughtful decisions around food
R: Eating what nourishes my body.

I like this intentional model. Where I am struggling is that I do respect my body intellectually and want to do so with my food decisions. But currently in the moment I am saying “aw what the heck” or “I deserve this”. So I am intentionally thinking about the food and choosing the foods in hindsight I would wish I did not.  Thoughts? Feedback?