Model Review – Repeating Myself

Hi, can you please review my UM?

C: I said to my housekeeper “Please don’t move the furniture”; She moves the furniture.
T: She didn’t understand me.
F: Frustrated
A: Rehearsing & overthinking in my mind what to say to her, or another way to tell her. Talking to her in a higher-pitched tone & in an uncomfortable way. Not being present in my day, since I’m still thinking about the situation. Not making a decision – whether that’s repeating myself to her, or letting her go.
R: I’m not understanding what I want to do.

I realized I want to communicate with her & repeat myself, and that my thought preventing me from doing so is “It’s rude for me to repeat myself”. Here’s my IM:

C: Same as above.
T: It’s okay for me to repeat myself.
F: Empowered
A: Being more present in my day, and not ruminating about the situation as much. Not hesitating & mumbling when communicating with her.
R: I repeat myself.