Model review. Resistant to coaching.

Jumping right in…

C= Peer coaching session with ___ at 3:00PM EDT
T= I’m dreading having to do this. (The “having to” seems interesting.)
F= resistance
A=. Think of ways I could cancel or postpone the session; play iPad games to help pass the time quickly to shorten the feeling of dread/resistance; don’t think about how I could prepare for the session; don’t remind myself about how much I love to coach; want to take a nap.
R= I miss out on the progress I could make towards certification by preparing for and going through with the coaching in an engaged way.

One question is about my thought. Dread could be a feeling, so now that I’ve typed it out here I’m wondering if I should ask the question “why am I feeling dread” and put that thought into a more effective model.
Also, not sure how my result proves the thought.